Boston Terrier Club Of Connecticut 
Established in 1931
Our meetings are held monthly, usually at noon on Saturdays and occasionally in conjunction with an event. Check our Events page for upcoming meetings.

We welcome everyone who wishes to share their love of the Boston Terrier and learn about the breed. Our club is made up of long time members who know quite a bit about the breed and other members who are learning. Some of our members show, breed and many have companion Bostons or rescued Bostons. At the meetings we plan our events, discuss health issues and talk about our Boston's. Please come and join us.

All are welcome, we have a lot of fun at our meetings and our events.  We love to meet new Boston Terrier lovers.  If you are interested in joining or just want to see what the club is about, you are welcome to attend any events and meetings. The best way to get sponsors for your membership application is to come to a few meetings or events and meet our members.

If you are interested in the breed, thinking about getting a puppy or rescue, talk to our members. We encourage you to spend some time at an event talking to many owners. We also encourage you to read about the breed. You can find the Breed Standard on the AKC website. A link to the AKC website is located on the "Contact" page.  The more you know the better your choice will be, whether a puppy or rescue.

There are many ways to contribute to the club: help planning events, setting up and running events or shows, or assist with the Rescue/fostering program. If you like to pitch in where needed, we are waiting for you! If you are interested in learning about how a show works, we are glad to help you.


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