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Established in 1931
Help the breed you love - YOU Can Help Change Lives

We cannot sustain our efforts without our wonderful volunteers.  Their hard work and dedication is the heart and soul of our Rescue group. 
How you can help:

FOSTER A BOSTON – BTCC Rescue is always looking for loving individuals and families who are willing to open their homes and hearts to raise and care for our Boston Terrier surrender dogs. your foster Boston may need to go to the vet.  This would be to update them on shots or a spay or neuter surgery and follow up visit.

BTCC Rescue needs foster homes with Boston Terrier or other flat-faced, bull or terrier breed experience.  We need foster homes for healthy dogs and puppies, as well as medically challenged or temperamentally difficult dogs.  Occasionally, we need an overnight or very short-term foster home.  You should know that you might have your foster dog for two months or more, depending on whether the dog requires extensive rehabilitation.

ADOPTION HOME VISITS – In a team effort, we will schedule a home visit and evaluate a potential new home for a Boston rescue dog.  The Rescue group needs helpers to take drives together and support each other so that no one is alone at an evaluation. This may be approximately 2-3 hours per month.

SURRENDER HOME VISIT Most Bostons come from their owner and we will go to the home to pick them up. In the same vane as an adoption visit, the surrender visit is also done as a team effort. Most visits are in Connecticut.

ADMINISTRATIVE - Review applications, return phone calls, and respond to emails. The number of inquiries we receive for those who wish to adopt a Boston varies throughout the year. We sometimes get calls from families who just need advice regarding a behavioral issue.  Your call can make the difference in their lives

Your efforts would help the Rescue tremendously. 

Together we can make a difference.

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