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Meet the Oosten-Hocking family from Southington, MA.  They adopted Tango who is sitting front and center in his family portrait in November 2014.  This gorgeous red & white Boston Terrier came from a family of five children to a family of four children and two other dogs.  He has lots of company to hang out with; he has a spacious fenced-in yard and a busy, happy life in his new forever home.  It doesn't get any better than this!
"Does not play well with others" could have been hung around Blazes' neck when he came to our Rescue committee.  His behavior with other dogs made him a poor candidate for adoption.  However, Cassie Harris, our Club trainer, took Blaze to Doggy Boot Camp and after some weeks of work, he was ready to explore a new home.

Sue Ann went to work finding someone for him who will reinforce his good training with follow-up, consistency and love.  Enter Maureen who had been looking for a Boston Terrier but didn't know quite what she wanted. 
She and Blaze met and with only one remedial session, Blaze - now Finnegan - is doing well; responding appropriately to his new owner and enjoying other dogs.
Jack is our former "puppy mill" puppy who weighed in at a whopping 3.5lbs at three months. He was surrendered due to allergies. In his short life, Jack, formerly Jax, had been shipped to four different locations before coming into the BTCC rescue program.
He was placed into foster care with member Irma Miller, since she had no dogs in the home at the time and there were concerns about problems with infectious diseases and parasites. Although Jack appeared lively and well, there is always an incubation period to be considered.

Along with a bout of "kennel cough" and parasites, among other things, he is now finally well. He adores dogs and is finally bonding with people. Cats still fascinate him. He is now eight pounds, and has five cats. Jack was adopted by his foster mom & dad, Irma and Bernie Miller, who gave this little guy so much love, care and devotion which he so deserves.
Jeter has been adopted! Stay tuned for his story!
Champy (formerly Champ): The little mellow fellow is rockin' out now in New York City now!  Although he turned 11 years old just a couple of months after moving from Connecticut to the Big Apple, he adjusted with the ease of a pup who has lived in the city his whole life. Mark and Serena, his adopted parents, like to joke that Champy must think its his urban retirement. He gets pets from the doorman, rides on the subway, plays on rooftops with his best fur friends/neighbors, and goes to brunch on the weekends like any true New Yorker. There are infinite scents to smell in the city but he also has his favorite local tinkle spots.  Once a month, Serena and Mark take him to the NYC Boston Terrier meet up where he runs and plays with 30 to 40 other Boston Terriers! The three of them have also gone on vacation in DC, NJ, MA, ME, NC, PA, and more!
Sophia Elizabeth came into our lives almost one year ago. She was almost 10 years old at that time.  We had lost our beloved Sadie at 13 years old almost three years before and missed having a little snorting/snoring buddle of love and fun. Sophie has been such a wonderful addition to our family.  We have a very active home with five grandchildren (plus or minus their parents) in and out of our house often.  From the first day, Sophie has been a full-fledged member of the tribe! She makes us laugh and has never met a treat that she wouldn't like (homemade peanut butter biscuits are her favorite).  She loves her walks and is always ready to say hi to new friends (both human and furry) on our walks.  She loves her naps as much as she loves her walks! She's a total love-bug and we're blessed to have her in our family.  Thank you to Mary Carroll and the members of the BTCC Rescue, we are very grateful to you.
--Patti and Frank
Ray and I met and fell instantly in love with Adam, back in December of 2016. With the assistance of BTCC Rescue, our Adoption process was smooth and relatively easy process . Since bringing Adam home, we have lovingly renamed him Cosmo. Though on 'paper' it states Cosmo is 10, you would never know it. Cosmo is a constant ball of energy, full of life and eager to play with one of his many toys. Cosmo is the official greeter in our home. He is so loving to all of our friends, family and is amazing with children. He greets everyone with a tail wag and wet kisses. The best part of our day would be upon our arrival home, Cosmo is there waiting with kisses and hugs!  He has brought such joy and happiness to our lives and we look forward to adopting from BTCC Rescue again in the near future.

Love and hugs,
The Yakaitis Family